Founded in 2006, Manana began its history with the belief that its reputation would be that of trust and dedication to producing the highest quality product possible. Since then, Manana’s herbs, teas and essential oils have been embraced and enjoyed by an ever-expanding audience of worldwide consumers. Manana Organic™ is a privately owned company that brings you the highest quality, most carefully grown and perfectly processed herbs, teas & essential oils you can find.

Our Mission

Manana’s mission is to provide soothing, flavorful, and aromatic herbs,teas&essential oils that are earth friendly and strictly monitored for quality control. In addition to offering the best that we can produce, we believe that consumers should not have to pay more for a product that is superior to its competition. We strive to maintain these goals and deliver our promise of satisfaction.

Hand-harvesting and minimal, yet effective, processing insures that our herbs, teas & essential oils reach you with the highest quality possible and we are constantly striving to find more innovative ways to bring even higher quality products to our customers.